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How to Stop Judging Ourselves and Others

April 11, 2021 Imagine Yourself Podcast Season 3 Episode 4
Imagine Yourself Podcast
How to Stop Judging Ourselves and Others
Show Notes

Is judging in and of itself a bad thing? Is there a difference between judging and being judgmental? Does one automatically lead to the otherWhat about the judgmental tape that rolls in our heads? 

We are here to shine the light on our own judgmental thinking.  Judgmental words, actions and attitudes are easy to spot in the world around us. They are in our house, neighborhood and online. However, the “Judgy McJudger” within ourselves can be sneakier and harder to pinpoint. In fact,  much of if the judging we do may be  unconscious. 

We get it. There's a time and a place for judging.  We also are not saying that there is no right and wrong. But there’s a fine line between that and stepping into the role of “I, Judgy McJudger, am here to judge you!”

This is a heavy topic, and we don’t have the game mastered yet, but we promise complete transparency. You’ll hear Lanee’s story of how her judgmental attitude ruined some of her relationships in college and Sandy’s attempt to escape mom-judgement that led to a prayer that produced scary but ultimately life-changing results. Plus we have strategies and tips on how to do a better job of enjoying life, others, and ourselves while ditching most of the negative, judgy thoughts and behaviors.

It’s not like we’re judging you, but you really ought to listen to our podcast

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