Imagine Yourself Podcast

Creating a Realistic Happily Ever After (w/Author Mary Lewis)

March 28, 2021 Imagine Yourself Podcast Season 3 Episode 3
Imagine Yourself Podcast
Creating a Realistic Happily Ever After (w/Author Mary Lewis)
Show Notes

What does it take to be in love with and stay in love with the person of your dreams? Spoiler alert: it takes more than just a magical kiss from a stranger who claims to be your one true love! 

Finding true love and holding onto that love is deep and complex but not impossible. We decided to bring in an expert on the subject to help us define how much of this process starts with us.

 Our Guest, Mary Lewis is the Author of The Princess Chronicles, Happily Ever After:  A Journey to Love. She makes sure to balance those fairy tale ideals with some practical advice by focusing on wholeness, self-discovery, and one’s purpose. She shines a spotlight on the fact that lasting love requires a good, long, realistic look at oneself and one’s past. She beautifully outlines the exact areas that tend to trip us up while also providing the precise ways to prevent those pitfalls.  If you’re looking for or already in a relationship, and if you’re ready for the truth, mixed with grace and love, then this is the episode for you. 

 Laugh a little and learn a little as we share our personal love stories and listen to the steps and strategies from Mary Lewis’ book.

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