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5 Ways to Make Love Last

February 13, 2021 Imagine Yourself Podcast Season 2 Episode 24
Imagine Yourself Podcast
5 Ways to Make Love Last
Show Notes

Love is complicated. But it is also simple. That is, there are some basic things that we all can do to help a relationship blossom. We’re exploring five ingredients that should be in every romance recipe, and we’re throwing in some secret sauce you may not have tried. 

You’ve probably heard that good communication is king, but did you know that sometimes what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say. For example, is it always necessary to give your partner your (unsolicited) opinion on everything he or she does, says, wears, etc.?

Is there something even MORE important than effective and empathetic communication? Could it be that respect is what your significant other may be craving most?

They say teamwork makes the dream work, but are you unknowingly sabotaging your spouse? 

You’ve probably heard (and maybe used) the expression “It’s not you, it’s me”.  We'll talk about how it's not just for breakups (like in the Seinfeld episode). 

In this episode, we’ll share personal successes and failures in our relationships and look at some helpful advice from experts.  Many of the things that we’re adding to this recipe of romance won’t be the things you would ever expect. We’ll hit on five major points, be we also dig even deeper and explore some crucial areas that are often overlooked. 

We dedicate this episode to anyone who is looking for love or looking to hold on to their love. Listen in, and elevate your romance game!

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